All Nationals who intend to visit India must have a valid visa, applied and obtained before their arrival to India except for government diplomats and officials of a country. The Indian High Commission does not accept Entry Visa applications directly from general public at their premise. All India Visa applications, be it for Tourism, Business, etc. must be submitted through OnlineIndianVisa.Com or other Visa Processing Agents recognized by Indian High Commission Singapore. Travellers who wish to visit India have to complete the lengthy Indian visa application form online from the official Indian government website, print it and bring it to us along with the other necessary photos and documents. While some parts of the visa application are straightforward, other parts may not be easily understood which will result in their application being rejected and their visa fees and handling charges non-refundable.

In affiliation with Indian High Commission’s official visa and passport processing service provider, OnlineIndianVisa.Com are professional consultants based in Singapore for complex Indian Visa processing and lodgment of each visa application. We will double check and review all Indian Visa applications forms, passports and submitted documents by the applicants for errors before lodging to the Indian High Commission, to avoid delays in visa approvals and possible rejections. We charge a fee of SGD 35 for our professional service rendered; Entry Visa fees & Telex fees varies from different countries of origins and the categories of Entry Visa applied for (Tourist Visa or Business Visa). Entry Visas are ONLY free of charge for diplomats and officials of a country.



Please call our Experience Customer service officers at 63339335.

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Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa : Issued for the purpose of tourism (recreation, sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives) to India.

Business Visa

Business Visa : Issued for the purpose of individuals travelling to India for trade and business related activities.

How to Apply for an Indian Visa, through our Website

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